Your event isn’t over when the guests leave.
Your event was a smashing success, it ended on a high note and it made a genuine impact on all your participants. Your time, energy and planning has paid off. But your event isn’t over when the guests leave. Here comes the time to collect feedback, analyze data and gather video content to help create your next event.

Data-driven insights to maximize your ROI

With a better understanding of your audience comes a higher return on investment. 

Data-driven insights about the exact impact of your event can help promote and improve future events.

Answers to such questions act as an excellent guide for future spending decisions. Eventronics’ cutting-edge technology provides you with valuable data on audience behavior in order to create better future experiences.

Our solution:

User-friendly and straightforward data analysis interface. ​

Data collection and analysis from websites, event platforms and event apps.


Create powerful surveys for your attendees, staff and stakeholders, and gain valuable feedback about every stage of your event. A satisfaction questionnaire is an essential tool to improve your future events. Optimize your expenditures, identify areas for improvement and understand the overall satisfaction of your guests.
survey tool

On-demand video

Inspired from the idea of an Enterprise YouTube, our video content management systems helps you create one! Share videos internally to 1000s of employees or externally while benefiting from a range of features such as AI, quizzes, access management and more.

You can never have too much content. On-demand videos create substantial added value because your audience can rewatch presentations or review slides anytime, anywhere. It’s a powerful additional revenue stream and a great way to stimulate post-event engagement.

Full viewer control

Viewers can change the screen configuration to their liking, ask questions to keynote speakers, bookmark slides for later review, easily navigate through slides, play back content…

Advanced security ​

End-to-end protection of your entire video library, advanced login procedures, encrypted URL’s and multi factor authentication ensure you that only the right people can see the right content.

Advanced statistics

Powerful video analytics and built-in reports show exactly who is watching what and when. Understand viewing behavior and engagement, evaluate each video’s effectiveness and measure your return on investment.

Boost sales ​

Enrich videos with call-to-actions overlays that will help drive clicks to your website. Directing your viewers to a clear next step is the key to strategic video marketing.

Low latency ​

No buffering, no waiting time! This way, your audience will enjoy your videos without any annoying pauses or interruptions.

Mind-blowing search options ​

Look for targeted keywords in presentations and slides.

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