For any online or hybrid event, selecting the right platform is key to success. Your online audience needs to feel just as involved as the in-person attendees, so you will need a platform that stimulates audience engagement and interaction in various ways. Your attendees can engage with speakers, interact with sponsors and have ample networking opportunities.

In addition to our own platforms, we also have expertise in most third party event platforms. We can easily set up, manage and support your events in platforms such as Hopin, Hubilo, Webex events, etc.

Starter platform

Our in-house event platform is a perfect budget option for hosting webinars, workshops and smaller hybrid events. Its straightforward user-interface makes it incredibly user-friendly, while it still offers all basic functionalities such as live chat, Q&A and polling. 


Easy and intuitive experience from check-in to check-out

Fully customizable to your specific needs and goals

Live statistics about attendee behavior

Interactive tools such as live chat, Q&A, polling…

All data is processed according to the GDPR

Online Photo Booth

Advanced platform

This state-of-the art event platform offers attendees a truly immersive experience. They can explore the virtual space and ‘walkthrough the event, as if they were actually there. The platform can be fully customized to your corporate branding and individual needs. 

Intuitive navigation that mimics a real-life experience

Smart matchmaking & superb networking tools

Simultaneous workshops and presentations

Digital check-in badges & welcoming event hosts

Data-driven insights including ROI analytics

Virtual exhibitor stands & interactive booths

Live statistics about attendee behavior

Different types of breakout sessions

Gamification: trivia, scavenger hunts…

All data is processed according to the GDPR


Unlock your imagination and create your own virtual avatar and spaces to organise live events and interact with other people in a metaverse environment. Share and explore 3D experiences with your community across Web, Mobile and VR.

Immersive spaces

Ready Player Me or lifelike avatars

Customizable virtual spaces

Public spaces and meet ups

MetaMask, Google, Apple, and Microsoft login

Token Gating Access

Overflow Groups

Live translation

The power of

Expand your audience reach

Organize trade shows, webinars, web conferences or virtual or physical events from 10 to 5000 people. Interact with your participants and give them the floor live. After the event, measure satisfaction and share your replays online.

Boost audience engagement

Invite your contacts, highlight your program (conferences, exhibitor workshops, etc.) and generate personalized agendas. From the event’s live site, participants access the virtual rooms they have registered for.


Highlight participants’ profiles on the event website (trade show or forum) and allow everyone to request meetings. Create value by generating high potential schedules.

Environmentally friendly

Care for the environment by choosing for sustainable, digital and hybrid alternatives. The hybrid experience is the way to the future: connect with anyone, anytime and from anywhere in the world.