The best way to get a great start to your event.

The proof is in the pudding. A solid planning is absolutely crucial to organizing a smooth-running event that lingers on for a long time in the minds of your audience. Our event technology helps you save time and money, will optimize your planning and revolutionize your marketing.

Event website

Having a dedicated event website is an absolute must in this digital era. It’s the perfect medium to entice your audience by creating a buzz around your event, even before it has started. A website can make a powerful first impression and convince people to sign up for your event. 

On top of that, event websites are also very convenient. Your audience can keep up to date with all last-minute changes and easily research and navigate through all the event information (program, speakers, venue…). 

Our game-changing event websites:

Highly personalized websites

Assistance in mapping out the customer journey

Easily add updates yourself

Multiple functionalities

Interesting statistics related to user behavior


registration form

Your registration form is the first impression attendees get of your event, so it’s crucial to get it right. Online registration needs to be personalized, quick and easy, ensuring a user-friendly experience. A well-made registration form enables you to collect important attendee data before the start of the event. This will help you create the perfect event.

The best possible registration form:

Seamless and user-friendly online registration

Assistance in setting up the registration module

Fully customized registration form

GDPR compliant

Pre-recorded videos

Pre-recorded presentations allow you to host keynote speakers that otherwise may not have made it to your event. It also allows presentations to be run simultaneously and thus reducing the risk of keynote cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances. In addition, this high-quality video content can be used post-event: on the website, social media or any other on-demand purposes.

Pre-record with Eventronics:

Video content of the highest quality

Speaker headshot together with corresponding slides

Count on a full bandwidth during broadcasting

DIY or opt for the assistance of an Eventronics Product Expert

Expert tips & tricks for a smooth recording session

Seamless experience with full support in case technical issues

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