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Eventronics is an event technology company with 15 years of digital experience and a passion for technology and events. Our mission is to modernize and digitize events with complete technological solutions.

We are a supplier to the event industry and offer services and products to guarantee a full technological production of all your physical, hybrid and digital events.

Full Hybrid Solutions

Get a tech expert on-site to help you with your production.

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Video Production

Video is one the most powerful tools to enhance your content.


We are experts in livestreaming,
thanks to Streamdis!

Interactive Tools

Boost audience engagement
with our digital event tools.

Online Event Platforms

A real life experience from behind your own computer.

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in-depth look at how we
implemented these services


Eventronics offers a wide range of different products that will fill your needs to get that next step you want on your event. 
Bring events to the next level with products ranging from audience interaction to having a green key studio at your own  office.


‘Streamdis’ is the in-house streaming and webcasting department of EVENTRONICS. The name Streamdis was founded in 2009 by Steve Segers, who is the founder and CEO of EVENTRONICS. Streamdis is a pioneer in the field of streaming services and providing a rich media streaming experience. The company has proven itself in the international market over the years by providing excellent quality and service.

Streamdis by EVENTRONICS experts in live streaming

Let's get digital

EVENTRONICS is the official partner of Let’s Get Digital.
With the Let’s Get Digital platform you can experience a digital event remotely as though you are there in person.
With check-ins, plenary sessions, break-outs, network coffee breaks and face-2-face meetings, a participant will have a unique experience!

Poweron. live

‘Poweron.live’ is the in-house developed event platform. This is the perfect online platform to host your webinars, workshops and hybrid events.
The clean user interface makes it a dream to use as it offers all basic functionalities like live chat, Q&A and polling.

The benefits
of Hybrid event technology

Create impressive and smooth-running events. 
With Eventronics you have the power to connect people anytime, anywhere! 
We do amazing things with our powerful technology solutions:

Organize next-level events

Engage and amaze your audience with new technological possibilities! Create fun, interactive and surprising experiences with professional and mindblowing technology.

High return on investment

Our technology provides valuable data information about people’s reactions and behavior. Gain a better understanding of your audience and increase your return on investment.

Environmentally friendly

Care for the environment by choosing for sustainable, digital and hybrid alternatives. The hybrid experience is the way to the future: connect with anyone, anytime and from anywhere in the world

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