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Transform Digitalize Innovate Upgrade your events with a combination of technological products.
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We are an EVENT TECH SUPPLIER and integrate a combination of TECHNOLOGICAL PRODUCTS into your event productions.


The right product for
every stage of your EVENT.

Before the event

The proof is in the pudding. A solid planning is absolutely crucial to organizing a smooth-running event that lingers on for a long time in the minds of your audience. Our event technology helps you save time and money, will optimize your planning and revolutionize your marketing.

During the event

Transform and lift your event with our technological and creative solutions. Event technology boosts attendance, audience engagement, efficiency and productivity. Let's create powerful experiences with a lasting impact.

After the event

Your event was a smashing success, it ended on a high note and it made a genuine impact on all your participants. Your time, energy and planning has paid off. But your event isn't over when the guests leave. Here comes the time to collect feedback, analyze data and gather video content to help create your next event.

Want to take a sneak peek?

Curious what your own personalized event platform would look like? Or a tailor-made event app? We’re happy to give you a look behind the scenes.

Discover the benefits of
hybrid event technology.

Create memorable and smooth-running events and connect audiences anytime, anywhere.

Organize next level events

Surprise your audience with extraordinary experiences through cutting-edge technology and explore mind-blowing possibilities you didn't know existed.

High audience engagement

Grab and hold your participants' attention with interactive tools such as live polling, Q&A sessions, fun networking options and live updates. All integrated in your event app or customized platform.

Peace of mind

Careful planning is crucial for any successful event. Our experienced crew handles everything and ensures the whole event runs smoothly from setup to packing down. We provide a single-point-of-contact to make things easier for you.

Extend your reach

With hybrid and virtual events you can reach an unlimited number of potential participants all over the world, while maintaining a captivating experience.

High return on investment

Our event technology provides you with valuable data on your audience's reactions and behavior. This allows you to understand your audience better, assess the actual impact of your event and create better experiences that increase your ROI.


You no longer have to travel, to truly experience it. Virtual and hybrid events are sustainable alternatives to physical events.
Connect with anyone, anytime and from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your own home.

From imagination to reality.

You can record anything you like in our studio in Mechelen. Presentations, panel conversations, live-streaming DJ sets or even your Christmas greetings. We do it all.

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Organizing events for governmental organizations comes with unique challenges and intricacies, such as rigorous security protocols, public scrutiny and engaging diverse stakeholders. For such events, technology can act as a catalyst: promoting collaboration, facilitating meaningful discussions and connecting a diverse audience, regardless of their physical or geographical constraints.

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STUDIO EVENTRONICS: Capture and stream videos and events in a professional recording studio

In today’s fast-paced and hyper-connected world, organizing immersive event experiences that meet high expectations is no simple task. Event organizers must adopt a good deal of creativity and innovative strategies to captivate their audiences. Luckily, that doesn’t always require grand venues. With a state-of-the-art recording studio, events can easily be transformed into engaging and interactive journeys.

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Haven’t we all been there? A mind-numbing conference with an endless line-up of speeches and virtually no connection with the people surrounding you? Nowadays, keeping your audience engaged is the defining measure of a successful event. Thanks to event technology we now have a wide array of tools to spice up your event and continuously grab your attendees’ attention.

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