Haven't we all been there? A mind-numbing conference with an endless line-up of speeches and virtually no connection with the people surrounding you? Nowadays, keeping your audience engaged is the defining measure of a successful event. Thanks to event technology we now have a wide array of tools to spice up your event and continuously grab your attendees' attention.

Virtual chat rooms

Whether it’s for a physical, hybrid or online event, throwing instant messaging in the mix is a great way to enhance engagement. People feel more connected when they have ample opportunity to make new connections and friends.

The great thing about virtual chat rooms, there’s so many options: chats that are open to all conference participants, in private or rooms that focus on certain topics. If you want to take it to the next level, you can even incorporate video chats. The more room for conversation, the more your audience will feel connected.

Live event polls

Event polling is a straightforward way to ask your audience questions and receive feedback in real time. It makes people feel involved and at the same time it’s a ‘safe way’ for participants to share their ideas, opinions and feedback. For example, by letting people vote on topics related to presentations, you grab their attention, gauge their understanding of the topic and spark lively discussions.

Alternatively, it’s an interesting way for organizers and speakers to get to know their audience and it can serve perfectly as an innovative icebreaker. Showing results on a live visual display, encourages attendees to participate even more.

Event games

Gamification refers to the use of games in a non-entertainment context and it’s relatively uncharted territory in the event industry. Worth exploring in our opinion, as they’re a great way to engage both remote and in-person attendees. Games have been scientifically proven to enhance attention, productivity and morale.

As games are inherently competitive, they will automatically encourage people to interact and pay attention. When people are challenged in a playful way, it activates their interest, especially when small rewards are involved. Depending on the type of game, you can realize different goals: whether you want people to sign up for your newsletter or want to stimulate networking.

Live Q&A sessions

We all know Q&A sessions are a certified way to increase engagement, as they allow the audience to ask questions they would normally not get a chance to. Transitioning into live digital Q&A’s opens the door for more opportunities: both remote and in-person participants get involved and ask questions directly in the event application.  This real-time format creates a sense of involvement and closeness. You’ll end up with an audience that is much more engaged and will listen closely to the messages the speakers have to put across.

Event Surveys

Engaging your audience also means showing that you care about their opinions. Once the event is over, run a survey asking questions like “What was your favorite presentation?”, “What would you change about this event?” or even “What did you think of the buffet?”. This will help you to improve future events and forge a bond with your audience.

Get it right with Eventronics

There are many strategies to grab your attendees’ attention and realize your event goals. With some creativity and the right technology, it’s a piece of cake to significantly raise audience engagement. The Eventronics team is passionate about bringing people together. Our digital solutions will energize your event and boost engagement.

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