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After two years of meeting online, in which we got to enjoy the advantages of a more digital world, in-person events are back, and they are due for a technological upgrade. The era of hybrid events holds exciting prospects, at least… if you choose your virtual venue wisely!

Choosing your platform

The main challenge of going hybrid is making your online attendees feel just as involved as the in-person ones. The way to do that is with the right virtual venue. The perfect event platform needs to be user-friendly, highly customizable and have tools that boost audience engagement. is developed by professionals with years of experience in the event technology industry. Surprisingly easy to use, while versatile enough to keep people entertained, can be used for everything from a simple one-way-streaming to a big complex event.

5 reasons to choose

1. CUSTOMIZABLE is a fully customizable platform and its look & feel can be adapted to any corporate identity. Depending on the event, various features can be integrated: different conference rooms, an online photobooth or live Q&A sessions and polls.


Perfect for beginners and totally dummy-proof. It guarantees a user-friendly experience from check-in to check-out. Intuitive navigation, easy-to-locate tools, and a simple login procedure.


Nothing more important than keeping your audience engaged. features impressive engagement tools, such as Q&A sessions, real-time polling, word clouds or friendly conversation in chatrooms.


A picture is worth a thousand words. The photobooth feature allows participants to share their pictures easily on the live feed of the platform.


Go beyond the boundaries of your event and allow your participants to rewatch presentations or double-check information. When you keep the platform open, people can enjoy on-demand content.

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