“Today we face many new challenges such as identity theft, phishing emails and many types of cybercrimes. Eventronics believes in accountability and transparency, and in actively contributing to limiting the risks of this digital era. We do this through ethical data management, a value that is at the core of our company.” – Steve Segers, CEO & co-founder of Eventronics

Privacy as a company value

In May 2018, the adoption of the new GDPR created large reforms to data privacy across Europe. When Eventronics first started, they understood the importance of these rules, because it would ensure clients feeling confident that data privacy was at the heart of everything they do.

They did the necessary research on how to fully comprehend the rules behind the GDPR and the next step was implementing the framework, integrating it into their processes and bringing their entire team up to speed. “The process made us reflect on the importance of individual privacy and it has become an important value to us all.”

Building and sustaining trust

Compliance within the GDPR framework ensures data privacy, transparency, security and thus the trust that is needed to build solid business partnerships. Eventronics strictly adheres to this legislation, some examples include:

  • Storage limitation: all data is confidentially destroyed 90 days after the event.
  • Data minimization: all data is made anonymous
  • Data security: all data is stored on highly encrypted servers

You’re in safe hands with Eventronics

Eventronics’ extensive knowledge of the GDPR ensures that all their clients’ event data can be stored by simply anonymizing all personal data, so useful analyses on audience interaction and engagement are still accessible to clients. Protecting individual privacy is a carefully implemented core value for the entire Eventronics team!

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