Virtual events: a sustainable solution

Humanity is facing many challenges. Among many others, climate change, pollution and increasing social inequality intrude in our lives and demand our attention. All around the world people cry out for drastic actions. Exactly there lies a great opportunity for companies to take up responsibility and do their part.

Eventronics’ CSR mission

Steve Segers, co-founder of Eventronics, is very clear on this topic: “We have to build our company so that it actively contributes to a just and sustainable environment, where prosperity is generated within the limits of our planet and distributed equally. The goal is to create as much shared value as possible for all stakeholders (not just shareholders) and society as a whole”.

Digital events

One way of contributing to a more inclusive and environmentally friendly society is through promoting virtual and hybrid events. Therefore, Eventronics wants to spread the sustainable philosophy behind digital events and emphasize their many social and ecological benefits. 


When people attend an event from the comforts of their own home, their carbon footprint is considerably lower. Less cars, less flights and thus less emissions. The numbers speak for themselves: a 1000-person event produces on average 570.000 kg of CO2 emissions, whereas a hybrid or digital event results in only 3.500 kg. With countless events being organized daily, these numbers add up quickly.


Digital events also promote diversity and social equality. It’s cheaper to attend a virtual event because all travel costs are eliminated, and the tickets come at a considerably lower price. Online events are also more accessible and flexible: you don’t have to travel around the world, but can join the event online from whatever setting you prefer.

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